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Wow!!! What a launch!

by Ronald Hart 22 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Thank you everyone for making the launch of our brand new updated store such a success. We were absolutely swamped with orders this first week that gave our store a great work out. Thank you.

Thank you also for those who gave us feedback on the new shopping experience. We tried very hard to make it a great experience for you and we thank you for the many encouraging comments we received over the past week. Some of you also pointed out out some bugs (no pun intended lol) which we have been able to sort out quickly.

We will be investigating new features for the store over time and we are busy ordering in new stock. It is quite difficult to keep up with the demand of some items as our suppliers only have so many available at a time. Make sure you enable notifications for out of stock items so that you know as soon as they are available again. Also follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with new features and arrivals.

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